This Necklace is a collaboration between Kim Marie and myself. To me my logo the moon represents the transitions in life we go through and the balance of light and dark. KimMaries logo is the lotus flower. The lotus flowers roots are based in the mud, where it submerges every night under murky river water. Every morning it blooms up out of the water rising up to meet the sun without any murky residue on its petals. The lotus reminds us to have strong roots, and even in the most difficult of times, we can still rise up out of darkness and into the light. Hand Crafted Sterling Silver piece on a 18" chain - $135With Rose Quartz stone - $155

Lotus & Moon Madallion

  • Your Necklace will come in a small zip lock bag, we recommend storing it in the bag or another air tight container to keep your jewelry as clean and bright as possible.