Mystical Moon Warrior

About Me

Mystical Moon Warrior is about purpose, transition and growth.  These are the things that I found on my journey, and they are things that I strive to spread to others. 

Why Mystical Moon Warrior?

She is a Mystical creature with a sense of wonder!

She walks the night honoring the moon that moves from darkness to being consumed with light, shining brightly at the world.  No matter what phase she is in she will always find the strength to rise!

She is a warrior of life, overcoming obstacles and conflicts!

She is a Mystical Moon Warrior!



Mystical Moon Warrior has unique hand crafted Crystal jewelry & accessories. Each piece is made with love and intention, hoping to spread a little light and love in your life.


Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoy my offerings!

-Leia Gossett

the Mystical Moon Warrior

Stay Mystical Warriors

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